Thursday, 24 October 2013

Explaining a passion for Penguins...

I have been invited this week to write a guest post for The Dabbler, a website which describes itself as "the culture blog for connoisseurs of everything" and as "a superblog of the arcane, unusual and overlooked."

As you might expect for a blog so described, the topics considered are diverse and wide-ranging. Yesterday's post was on Zane Grey (author of vintage Penguins 1276 & 1277); the day before they had Robert Mighall, former editor of the The Penguin Classics, discussing the addition of Morrissey's Autobiography to the Penguin Classics list. And lately they have featured Derek and his diary, sourced from The Age of Uncertainty.

I was invited to discuss my collecting and reading project, and to explain how this passion for old Penguins began. But while I discuss these things briefly, I decided to also tell the far more interesting story of Penguin’s early history. Anyone who would like to read the post can find here.


  1. I enjoyed that, Karyn - and thank you for introducing me to another fascinating website.

  2. Lovely article Karyn - very interesting!

  3. That was a really interesting read Karyn. I knew the story of Allen Lane looking for something to read at the station, I didn't know that he'd been returning from a visit to Agatha Christie. Imagine she'd lent him something to read on the train - the whole history of publishing might have been changed.



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