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Addams, Charles: The Penguin Charles Addams
Aldington, Richard: Seven Against Reeves
Allen, H.Warner & Bentley, E.C.: Trent's Own Case
Allingham, Margery: Hide My Eyes
Amis, Kingsley: Lucky Jim 
Anderson, Sherwood: Winesburg, Ohio

Baker, Dorothy: Trio
Bassani, Giorgio: The Gold-Rimmed Spectacles
Bates, H.E.:An Aspidistra in Babylon
Bates, H.E.: Fair Stood the Wind for France
Beauclerk, Helen: The Green Lacquer Pavilion
Beerbohm, Max: Zuleika Dobson
Bell, Adrian: Corduroy 
Bell, Adrian: Silver Ley
Bemelmans, Ludwig: Life Class
Benson, E.F.: As We Were
Bentley, E.C.: Trent's Last Case
Bentley, E.C. & Allen, H.Warner: Trent's Own Case
Bentley, Nicolas: Third Party Risk
Berkeley, Anthony: The Poisoned Chocolates Case 
Berkeley, Anthony: Trial and Error
Berkeley, Anthony: Jumping Jenny
Bingham, John: Night's Black Agent
Bingham, John: Five Roundabouts to Heaven
Lord Birkett: Six Great Advocates
Blake, Nicholas: A Question of Proof
Bombard, Alain: The Bombard Story
Bowen, John: The Birdcage
Bowen, John: After the Rain
Bradbury, Malcolm: Eating People is Wrong
Brand, Christianna: Heads You Lose
Brand, Christianna: Green for Danger
Butler, Samuel: Erewhon
Byrom, James: Or be he Dead

Cadell, Elizabeth: The Frenchman and the Lady
Cain, James M.: The Postman Always Rings Twice
Cain, James M.: Serenade
Caine, Mark: The S-Man
Carr, John Dickson: The Demoniacs
Carr, John Dickson: Patrick Butler for the Defence
Chapman, F. Spencer: Watkin's Last Expedition
Chandler, Raymond: The Lady in the Lake
Chesterton, G.K.: The Incredulity of Father Brown
Chesterton, G.K.: Essays and Poems
Chevallier, Gabriel: Clochemerle
Chevallier, Gabriel: The Affairs of Flavie
Chevallier, Gabriel: Clochemerle-Babylon
Christie, Agatha: The Mysterious Affair at Styles
Christie, Agatha: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd
Christie, Agatha: Murder at the Vicarage
Christopher, John: The Death of Grass
Compton-Burnett, Ivy: A Family and a Fortune 
Connolly, Cyril: The Rock Pool
Cooper, William Scenes from Married Life 
Crispin, Edmund: The Case of the Gilded Fly
Crispin, Edmund: The Moving Toyshop
Crispin, Edmund: The Long Divorce 
Crofts, Freeman Wills: The 12.30 from Croydon

Davey, Jocelyn: A Touch of Stage Fright
Davey, Norman: The Pilgrim of a Smile
Dickens, Monica: One Pair of Feet
Dickens, Monica: One Pair of Hands
Dickens, Monica: The Happy Prisoner
Dickson, Carter: And So To Murder 
Dickson, Carter: She Died a Lady
du Maurier, Daphne: I'll Never Be Young Again
du Maurier, Daphne: The du Mauriers
Dundy, Elaine: The Dud Avocado

Eberhart, Mignon G.: The Cases of Susan Dare
Ellin, Stanley: The Specialty of the House
Ellin, Stanley: The Eighth Circle
Ellin, Stanley: Dreadful Summit
Ertz, Susan: Now East Now West

Farjeon, J. Jefferson: No 17
Ferguson, John: The Man in the Dark
Ferguson, Rachel: The Brontes Went to Woolworths
Ferrars, Elizabeth: Murder in Time
Ferrars, Elizabeth: Remove the Bodies
Fitzgerald, F.Scott: This Side of Paradise
Fokker, Anthony: Flying Dutchman
Forester, C.S.: Payment Deferred
Forster, E.M.: The Longest Journey
Fowler, Sydney: Rex v. Anne Bickerton
Freeling, Nicolas: Because of the Cats

Gandar Dower, Kenneth: Amateur Adventure
Gardner, Erle Stanley: The D.A. Holds a Candle
Gardner, Erle Stanley: The D.A. Calls a Turn
Gardner, Erle Stanley: The D.A. Draws a Circle
Gardner, Erle Stanley: Two Clues
Garnett, David: A Shot in the Dark
Goodwin, Geraint: The Heyday in the Blood
Graham Greene: The Lost Childhood and Other Essays
Green, Henry: Loving
Greene, Graham: The Lawless Roads
Grierson, Edward: Reputation for a Song

Hare, Cyril: Tragedy at Law
Hare, Cyril: With a Bare Bodkin
Hare, Cyril: That Yew Tree's Shade
Hare, Cyril: Suicide Excepted
Hartley, L.P.: The Go-Between
Hartley, L.P.: A Perfect Woman
Harvey, John: Within and Without
Hayes, Alfred: The Girl on the Via Flamina
Herlihy, James Leo: All Fall Down
Hodge, James H. (Editor): Famous Trials 10
Holland, Vyvyan: Son of Oscar Wilde
Hughes, Dorothy B.: The Bamboo Blonde
Hyde, H.Montgomery: Famous Trials 7 - Oscar Wilde

Innes, Michael: Death at the President's Lodging
Innes, Michael: Stop Press
Innes, Michael: The Weight of the Evidence
Innes, Michael: Appleby Plays Chicken
Innes, Michael: Appleby on Ararat
Innes, Michael: Christmas at Candleshoe
Innes, Michael: Old Hall, New Hall
Innes, Michael: Hare Sitting Up
Innes, Michael: Hamlet, revenge!
Innes, Michael: Silence Observed
Isherwood, Christopher: Mr Norris Changes Trains

Johnson, Pamela Hansford: An Avenue of Stone
Johnson, Pamela Hansford: A Summer to Decide
Johnson, Pamela Hansford: The Unspeakable Skipton
Johnson, Pamela Hansford: An Error of Judgement

Keverne, Richard: Artifex Intervenes
Keverne, Richard: The Sanfield Scandal
Keverne, Richard: Carteret's Cure
Kimbrough, Emily and Skinner, Cornelia Otis: Our Hearts were Young and Gay
King, Francis: The Man on the Rock

Laski, Marghanita: Little Boy Lost
Laski, Marghanita: The Victorian Chaise-Longue
le Carre, John: The Deadly Affair/Call for the Dead
Lockhart, Sir Robert Bruce: Memoirs of a British Agent
Longrigg, Roger: A High-Pitched Buzz
Longrigg, Roger: Daughters of Mulberry

Macaulay, Rose: The World My Wilderness
MacDonald, Betty: The Egg and I
MacDonald, Betty: The Plague and I
MacDonald, Philip: The Rasp
MacDonald, Philip: X v. Rex
Mackenzie, Compton: Thin Ice
Mainwaring, Marion: Murder in Pastiche
Mannin, Ethel: Children of the Earth
Mansfield, Katherine: The Garden Party and Other Stories
Marjoribanks, Edward: Famous Trials of Marshall Hall
Marsh, William: The Bad Seed 
Mason, A.E.W.: At the Villa Rose
Masterman, J.C.: An Oxford Tragedy
Masterman, J.C.: The Case of the Four Friends
Mayne, Peter: The Alleys of Marrakesh
Maugham, Somerset: Cakes and Ale
Maurois, Andre: Ariel
Maurois, Andre: Disraeli
McCarthy, Mary: The Company She Keeps
McGivern, William P.: The Big Heat
Margaret Miller: Taste of Fears 
Menen, Aubrey: The Fig Tree
Mitchell, Gladys: Tom Brown's Body
Mitford, Jessica: Hons and Rebels
Mitford, Nancy: The Blessing
Mitford, Nancy: Pigeon Pie
Mitford, Nancy: Don't Tell Alfred
Mitford, Nancy (Editor) Noblesse Oblige 
Mole, William: The Hammersmith Maggot
Moore, Brian: The Lonely Passion of Miss Judith Hearne
Moore, George: Esther Waters
Moravia, Alberto: The Woman of Rome
Moravia, Alberto: Roman Tales
Moravia, Albert: Two Adolescents
Moravia, Alberto: The Fancy Dress Party
Muspratt, Eric: Wild Oats

Nabakov, Vladimir: Pnin
Nichols, Beverley: Twentyfive

Oliver Onions: Widdershins 
Oliver Onions: The Story of Ragged Robyn 
Orwell, George: Coming Up For Air

Patti, Ercole: A Love Affair in Rome
Patton, Frances Gray: Good Morning, Miss Dove
Paul, Elliot: The Mysterious Mickey Finn
Pearson, Hesketh: Gilbert and Sullivan
Peck, David W.: The Greer Case
Pike, Robert L.: Bullitt
Plomer, William: At Home
Postgate, Raymond: Verdict of Twelve
Potter, Stephen: The Theory and Practice of Gamesmanship
Powell, Anthony: Venusberg
Powell, Anthony: What's Become of Waring
Powell, Anthony: From a View to a Death
Powell, Anthony: A Question of Upbringing
Powell, Anthony: Casanova's Chinese Restaurant
Powys, T.F.: Mr Weston's Good Wine
Price, Stanley: Just for the Record

Queen, Ellery: The Chinese Orange Mystery
Quiller-Couch, Sir Arthur: The Astonishing History of Troy Town
Quiller-Couch, Sir Arthur: Selected Short Stories

Rhode, John: The Murders in Praed Street
Rinehart, Mary Roberts: The Yellow Room
Robertson, E. Arnot: Four Frightened People
Roth, Holly: The Sleeper
Rutherford, Douglas: Telling of Murder

Sackville-West, Vita: The Edwardians
Sagan, Fran├žoise: A Certain Smile
Saroyan, William: The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze
Sayers, Dorothy L.: The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club
Seymour, Beatrice Kean: Youth Rides Out
Shanks, Edward: Queer Street, Volume I
Shanks, Edward: Queer Street, Volume II
Sigal, Clancy: Weekend in Dinlock
Silone, Ignazio: Fontamara
Simenon: My Friend Maigret
Simenon: Maigret Mystified
Simenon: Maigret's Mistake
Simenon: Maigret in Montmartre
Simenon: Maigret's First Case
Simenon: Maigret and the Old Lady
Simenon: Maigret and the Burglar's Wife
Simenon: Maigret in Court
Simenon: Maigret at the Crossroads
Simenon: Maigret Stonewalled
Simenon: The Widower
Simenon: The Little Man from Archangel
Simenon: Maigret Has Scruples
Simenon: The Iron Staircase
Simenon: The Premier
Skinner, Cornelia Otis and Kimbrough, Emily: Our Hearts were Young and Gay
Smith, Clark: The Deadly Reaper
Smith, Clark: The Case of Torches
Smith, Godfrey: The Flaw in the Crystal
Snow, C.P.: The New Men
Spark, Muriel: Memento Mori
Spark, Muriel: Robinson
Stewart, J.I.M.: A Use of Riches
Stewart, J.I.M.: The Man Who Won the Pools
Stewart, J.I.M.: The Last Tresilians
Stout, Rex: Over My Dead Body
Sykes, W. Stanley: The Missing Moneylender
Symons, A.J.A.: The Quest for Corvo

Tey, Josephine: The Franchise Affair
Tey, Josephine: The Daughter of Time
Thirkell, Angela: Summer Half
Thorne, Anthony: Delay in the Sun
Thorne, Anthony: Fruit in Season
Thurston, E. Temple: The City of Beautiful Nonsense
Tracy, Honor: The Straight and Narrow Path
Treece, Henry: Red Queen White Queen
Trench, John: Docken Dead
Tressall, Robert: The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists

Urquhart, Fred: Time Will Knit

Vail, Amanda: Love Me Little
Vailland, Roger: The Law
Vickers, Roy: The Department of Dead Ends
Vonnegut, Kurt: Cat's Cradle

Wade, Henry: The Dying Alderman
Wain, John: Hurry on Down
Warriner, Thurman: The Doors of Sleep
Waugh, Auberon: The Foxglove Saga
Wells, H.G.: The Invisible Man
Wells, H.G.: Kipps
Wells, H.G.: Love and Mr Lewisham
Wells, H.G.: The Island of Dr. Moreau
Wharton, Edith: Ethan Frome
Whipple, Dorothy: High Wages
White, T.H.: Farewell Victoria
Whitechurch, V.L.: Canon in Residence
Wilson, Angus: Hemlock and After
Wodehouse, P.G.: Doctor Sally
Wodehouse, P.G.: Quick Service
Wodehouse, P.G.: Uneasy Money
Wodehouse, P.G.: Ukridge

Young, E.H.: William
Young, Francis Brett: The Black Diamond


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