Penguin Covers


  1. this is the greatest thing I have ever seen. I am sitting here drinking from my penguin mug and I am so overwhelmed with jealousy.

  2. Have really enjoyed reading your blog this evening - I positively adore your full page of book covers!! Particularly love the classics, but what a wishing I lived next door to you. Have collected Penguins at various times in the past and then moved on, leaving them behind. Am also a haunter of thrift shops with old books and love nothing better than hunting for good ones....always trusting that a Penguin (no matter the age) will be a good title. Thanks for sharing your passion!

  3. Thanks Kristine,

    I started collecting them many years ago when I had little money and no mentor to help me guide my choice of books, and I found, just as you say, that an orange spine was a good indicator of a book worth reading. I look back and regret that I didn't buy more at the time - they were so inexpensive and easy to find in those days.

  4. Dear Karyn,
    Have truly enjoyed reading your Penguin pages - your photo montages are wonderful. Searched a used bookstore yesterday with a much more open eye for them knowing I've always been drawn to the orange spines, but not realizing they had so many different series. Found a few Pelicans on history that I've brought home. Many thanks for expanding my horizons!
    Happy New Year from Israel,

  5. Hi Karyn,
    Wow you have set yourself a great challenge! Do you have a list of the titles (numbers) that are still missing from your collection? There is a little charity bookshop in my local town that has a few boxes of old penguins - they look so wonderful. Are you aware of the Penguin box of book cover postcards? I used these for guests at my wedding to write messages on instead of a guest book. Some were also used to decorate my seating plan. Just gorgeous.
    Good luck! Sarah

  6. Hi Sarah,

    I've colour-coded the titles on the list of the first 3000 Penguins which are attached to the blog so that I can check for myself (they are not quite up-to-date at the moment though, as I am waiting for all my packages from England). And a box of Penguin postcards was one of the souveniers I allowed myself on my recent trip. I think we're going to decorate a wall with them.

    And can I ask which is your local town? After the success of my recent trip to the UK, I cannot wait to head back there - maybe next year.

    Best wishes,

  7. Karyn
    The bookshop is in Godalming, Surrey and is run on behalf of a mental health charity called Rethink. It have notoriously unreliable opening hours, but that is part of the charm! Check out my post on another bookshop in the seaside town of Eastbourne, called Camilla's. This place is stuffed full of books including many Penguins.

  8. Hi Karyn,
    Thought you may be interested in these 2 news items from today's Guardian re Penguin illustrator John Griffiths:

  9. I think I may have just fallen in love with your 'blog.

    I'm off to put a link to it from mine...

  10. I love your blog!! But you need to find me a way to ship these to India :) Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Hello Karyn,

    I have just come across your blog and am very impressed and a little envious. I thought I had it bad just collecting old PG Wodehouse Penguins.

    I usually pick up a few every year when we go to Hay - on - Wye for the literary festival. Apart from the festival, the town is a bibliophile's dream, not only are there some high end specialist secondhand bookshops, there are always loads of shops full of old penguins.

    it is absolutely brilliant if you get a chance.

    See you there,




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