Sunday, 10 May 2015

A collection of Penguins

I seem to have reached have reached yet another Sunday without managing to find the time to read a vintage Penguin and prepare a review, and so I am instead posting a photo of the project which has been diverting me of late.

I recently bought a house and my first priority was the bookshelves. The greater part of all recent weekends has been spent boxing, sorting and transporting books, shopping at Ikea and assembling flat-pack furniture - particularly bookcases.

Many of these books have been in storage for years, and others have been left in random piles while I waited for the opportunity to sort them properly. My daughter and I are still slowly working through them to make sure they are in order and that my lists of what I own and what I don't are up-to-date.

And there are still more bookcases to be built, as I have quite a few boxes of Pelicans and non-Penguins books which are yet to find a home.

Hopefully, I will be back on track by next weekend and in a position to resume posting on a vintage Penguin each week.

My Penguins in 2011:

My Penguins in 2012:


  1. That is a wonderful sight. I think I will probably dream tonight about a perfect wall of bookshelves!

  2. That's one hell of a collection. I paint Penguin covers:

  3. Wow! This looks wonderful. I'm totally envious.

  4. Oh my lord! I'm speechless.

  5. Those shelves are just lovely - it cheers me up just to look at them!

  6. Great.
    How deep are those white IKEA shelves? I have IKEA shelves but they are too deep and the books all sit too far back. I'm not happy.

    1. They are birch Ikea shelves and the standard Billy depth - I think it is 28cm.

      The problem I have with the Billy bookcase is that Ikea don't include enough shelves, but if you buy extra shelves and bolt the bookcases securely to the wall you can pull all the books forward and have no sense of the space behind.

  7. What an array! And, knowing Penguin, what a percentage of worthwhile reading.

    If any visitors to this blog share my fascination with the Penguin Travel Library of the 1980s, here's a place that attempts to list the complete series and to comment on some of the entries as well as travel writing from other publishers.

    [URL=""]Penguin Travel Library and other literary travel books[/URL]

  8. Thank you for your fantastic post. I have a problem with Ikea bookcases - they all seem to be about 24cm deep, which is far too deep for normal paperbacks, and does dominate a room in the wrong way. Do you use "Billys"?



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